Two fathers, two mothers, one baby


ATLANTA — Christian conservatives worried about the collapse of the natural family found another reason in mid-December to have concern when the Los Angeles Times reported the birth of a baby born essentially with two mothers and two fathers.

With the help of a fertility clinic, homosexual couple Chad and David Craig of Atlanta had their sperm — mixed so they would not know who the father was -- united with a donor's egg and implanted into a surrogate mother. The baby boy, O. Jansen Hodge Craig, has a biological mother, birth mother and two fathers — one of them being the biological father.

But that was just the end of the story. They had been trying for four years to have a baby, and as the Times reported, "went through three egg retrievals, 65 eggs, seven fertilization attempts, three surrogates and more than $200,000 in expenses."

The birth mother, who lives in Massachusetts, even is pumping and freezing breast milk and shipping it in dry ice to Atlanta weekly.

One of the men said of taking care of the baby, "[W]e're just going through what all parents go through."

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council disagrees.

"[T]hey have gone to such great lengths to ensure that this child will not 'go through' the experience that most children enjoy of being raised by both a mother and a father," Perkins wrote in his daily e-mail. "It is outrageous that courts in some states have become complicit in this denial of biological reality by allowing homosexual couples to have custody of newborns and birth certificates that mislead about the true parentage of the child."