The name has changed; here is what WILL NOT change



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• The name has changed; here is what WILL NOT change
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We want you to know that our commitment to publishing a quality Christian newspaper is as strong as ever. We may be changing the name, but here is what won't change:

The owners/publishers
Keener Communications Group and Lamar and Theresa Keener will continue to manage the publishing of the newspaper as they have for the past 15 years.

The staff
Lori Arnold (editor), Scott Coyle (Southern California/Colorado sales manager) and Cynthia Quam-Patterson, (Northwest sales manager) will continue as before in their roles. Tiffany Keener will continue to handle the front desk, classifieds and calendar in between her college classes. Proofreader Dick Niessen's eagle eyes will keep looking for those typos. Our pool of 10 stringers will keep reporting local stories. And our four distribution coordinators and more than 50 delivery drivers will keep getting the papers to the more than 5,000 distribution points.

The content
We will continue the same emphasis on news reporting, both local and national, endeavoring to maintain a high standard of journalistic integrity. The Cal Thomas and Chuck Colson columns will appear as usual. Our Calendar of Events will remain the leading source of Christian concerts and events in each of our regions.

The quality
We will continue to produce what has been an award-winning newspaper that won't look a whole lot different than it does now—maybe a few design adjustments here and there.

The mission
Our objective remains to provide quality regional Christian newspapers that will continue to gain wide respect throughout each community in which they are published, reporting on news and issues within a Christian worldview.

Published, November 2003