Steve Jobs: An unintended instrument of God


Steve Jobs is being eulogized as the technological, marketing genius of our age.

He was a creative genius, the co-founder of Apple Inc., and the man behind the first personal computer, the iPod, iPhone, iPad and other innovations.

We do know that Jobs embraced Buddhism and New Age thinking in his lifetime and, with a net worth of at least $7 billion, he became one of the richest persons in the world.

It is just such a profile of which Jesus said: "What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

Our hearts are sad to think that perhaps Jobs did gain the world and lose his soul, but we do not know what his heart was in his final days. We know that God's redeeming grace transforms us and make us righteous before God. And that can happen at any time to any one who trusts Jesus Christ as Savior.

Therefore, unlike the folks from Westboro Baptist Church, we do not make judgments on this man's soul. His eternal destiny is now between him and his creator.

Margie Phelps has taken to Twitter — ironically, using an iPhone — condemning Jobs and Westboro's blog is rejoicing that he is dead and they will picket his funeral for teaching sin and serving himself.

Well Westboro and Margie, in God's plan and in His grace He used Steve Jobs' creativity, innovation and inventions to give us a new road to reach the world with the gospel.

iTunes has given Christians a platform to share the gospel through music, sermons, blogs, complete bibles, church services, teaching and so much more.

The iPhone puts this technology in the hands of people everywhere in which they can access the gospel. It also allowed Margie to Twit her disdain for Steve Jobs and his life.

The first Apple computer we used was the Apple III in a church plant in Seattle, Washington. In 1988 we purchased a Macintosh 512e (second generation of the original Mac) and began publishing the Christian Examiner newspapers (then called the Christian Times). Now you can read the Christian Examiner in print, on a computer (Mac or PC), an iPhone (other Smart phones) and on an iPad — anywhere, anytime.

We can instantly tell you the stories of faith and hope from around the world to encourage and challenge you in your life. Readers can learn about an Iranian pastor sentenced to be executed for his faith and how they can voice their concerns and pray for him.

Steve Jobs changed the course of our daily lives through his creativity and, likely unintentional by him, he gave us a new way to disseminate Christ's message of hope and freedom to the ends of the world.

I will always be grateful for the inspiration of a man who used his failures as the turning points in his life. May we all have that perspective and remember that in our lives as believers, God's strength is made perfect in our weaknesses and failures.

Thank you Steve Jobs for developing and creating the road, for us as believers, to impart the gospel to the world.

Steve Jobs speech at Stanford

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Published, October 6, 2011