Stand in the Gap 2007 calls men to gather at Washington Monument


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ten years ago Christian men from across the United States gathered in the nation's capital to honor their faith, belief, worship and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now the men of America are being invited to return to the grounds of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, for a similar gathering Oct 6, called Stand in the Gap 2007.

"We are urging men to return, remember, renew and rebuild their commitment to God, their families, churches, neighborhoods, communities and the nation," said the event's principal organizer, Marty Granger, founder and president of Faith in the Family International.

The emphasis of this event is to call generations of men together, with respect for all ages, races, ethnic groups and denominations to honor God, hear from God, and to embolden each man to leave a legacy of spiritual strength and faithfulness from one generation to the next."

Organizers are using Psalm 145:4 as their central reference:

"One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts."

Through the massive gathering, organizers are hoping to provide "a dedicated, masculine, larger-than-life, challenging, inter-generational environment (that) will give men the unforgettable experience of coming face-to-face with God and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their brothers in Christ."

They also hope to address what they are calling the full-scale assault on the masculine identity in western culture, the decline of the positive moral and spiritual influence of biblically faithful men and) the crying need fr spiritual fathers in our homes, churches and communities."

The host organization for this decade's gathering is the 110-member National Coalition of Men's Ministries, a cooperative organization led by Dr. Rick Kingham, representing every major Christian ministry to men in America. NCMM's local affiliate, the Washington Area Coalition of Men's Ministries led by David Brown, will be assisting with on-site arrangements in the Nation's Capital. Faith in the Family International, a Virginia-based non-profit organization led by SITG7 Chair Marty Granger, will administer the event, which is being prepared with plans to repeat a sacred gathering of men during the seventh year of every decade in perpetuity.

A decade ago, one of the largest religious gathering in U.S. history took place when more than a million men gathered on the National Mall for a day of worship led by Promise Keepers. Many of the members of the organizing committee of Stand in the Gap 2007 were involved in the leadership of the 1997 event and are looking forward to the opportunity to once again gather men on "America's front lawn."

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