'Save a Life' seminar to offer tools


BUENA PARK, Calif. — Crusade for Life, which has launched a new campaign asking Christians to save at least one unborn child from abortion in 2008, is holding a free training seminar March 1.

"Look at the parking lot of abortion clinics in our communities—they are  jam-packed every Saturday morning," Patsy Dubriel, the Crusade for Life event organizer, said in a news release. "If a large number of Christians made it a priority to save even just one life from abortion this year, we believe the scale in Southern California would dramatically tip in favor of life."

The "Save a Life in 2008" seminar will be held from 9 a.m. to noon at the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park.

The seminar will feature Pastor Neil Travisano, who will show participants how to make an impact for Jesus Christ through prayer and simple ways of reaching out to abortion-minded pregnant women.

According to Dubriel, the organizers of "Save a Life in 2008" see the goal of the ministry as not just physically rescuing unborn children, but also saving souls. 

"When Christians pray and save lives, people are brought to the Lord, and generations are changed for Him," she said. 

Dubriel applauded many civic-minded Christians for their pro-life voting records, but lamented a lack of commitment to sidewalk counseling and prayer at abortion clinics.

"This type of ministry gives you an awesome opportunity to touch so many lives in a positive way," she said, adding that those who work in such ministries can often be encouraged by the knowledge that "someone will still be alive because of what God did" through them.

"Voting for a pro-life candidate for president is great and will help save babies in the long run, but there are also unborn children whose lives are hanging in the balance right now—in our neighborhoods," she said. "Jesus wants us to pause from our self-centered lives and go help them, like the Good Samaritan did. Let's not be so distracted in our lives or consider pro-life someone else's duty. Whether single, married, young, old, male or female, those who know the Lord are needed to be that loving, peaceful voice of hope to a scared woman in trouble."

The church is located at 6801 Western Ave. in Buena Park.

Reservations for the  seminar can be made by visiting www.sidewalkcounseling.com or by calling (949) 632-6680.