Saudi official kills own daughter for conversion to Christianity


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A government official in Saudi Arabia cut out his daughter's tongue and burned her to death after learning she had become a follower of Jesus Christ. The man, who was not named in the news report, works for the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, a government agency that enforces religious purity.

The girl came to know about Jesus Christ through the Internet and when her father learned about her decision, "a heated debate on religion" ensued, according to International Christian Concern (, a Washington, D.C.-based human rights group. The man is in custody but news reports gave no indication as to his identity or when the crime occurred.

"Saudi Arabia is intolerant of Christianity and non-Muslim faiths," a press statement from International Christian Concern said. "Its education curriculum openly inculcates hatred against Christians and other non-Muslims through their textbooks and teachers. Saudi Arabian officials are using their huge oil wealth to export Wahabbism (the most intolerant version of Islam) to other countries including in the United States."