Russell Moore Highlights 'Spiritual Problem' and Racial Disparity Amid Ferguson Riots, Michael Brown Killing

by Christian Examiner |

Dr. Russell Moore is shown in this file photo.

Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, has highlighted the "spiritual problem" in America amid the police killing of African American teenager, Michael Brown, in suburban St. Louis on August 9.

A funeral for Brown was held on Monday at St. Louis' Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, and Moore has said that there is an "awakening across evangelicalism" to the problems currently being faced.

Moore, speaking on PBS' "Religion and Ethics News Weekly," said, "There's an awakening across evangelicalism to see that we have a legal problem, we have a systemic problem, we have a cultural problem, and then behind that, we have a spiritual problem."

Moore emphasized that he is "particularly concerned when I see white people and African-American people not having conversations with one another about what's happening in Ferguson, reading this in completely different ways in many contexts. I think that needs to change in our own congregational life, when we have congregations where reconciliation is modeled within the pews of the church."

He also said in the segment: "The more that we have congregations that aren't neatly segregated up into white churches and black churches and white-collar churches and blue-collar churches, the more you're going to see people recognizing, 'This affects me. I am part of a body of believers who have a very different experience than I have'."

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