Pro-life billboards claim black children are an 'endangered species'


ATLANTA, Georgia — Pro-life billboards in black neighborhoods are causing a stir on the abortion issue.

A campaign, launched by the Georgia Right to Life and the Radiance Foundation, began placing pro-life billboards in Georgia counties where the majority of abortions occur.

The message is that black children are an "endangered species" and highlights the disproportionate impact of abortion on the black community.

Pro-life African-Americans put up the billboards.

In 2008, there were 35,888 abortions performed in Georgia and 20,909 were African-American abortions, almost twice that of the white population.

"My people are dying and nobody cares that my people are dying," said Catherine Davis, director of minority outreach for Georgia Right to Life told CBN news. "And I want people to look at this and ask, 'Is there any truth to what we are saying?'"

The billboards are a part of the campaign Davis says to increase awareness of the impact of abortion on minority communities and women.

"The impact of abortion has become so great that it has begun to impact our fertility rate," Davis told the NY Times.

In addition to the billboards, a Web site was also launched to educate people on what they believe is the underlying motives for abortions in America.

Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, wrote in his blog that he feels the general public needs to understand the destructive nature of the abortion industry and get "outraged by the truth."

"This is not a campaign that targets black women," Bomberger said in the NY Times. "It's a campaign that exposes an industry that we believe targets African-Americans."

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