Prayer breakfast vows to transform Hollywood


SANTA MONICA, Calif. — The words "prayer" and "Hollywood" aren't often seen in the same sentence, but prayer for Hollywood's leaders will be very much on the minds of attendees of the 2nd Annual National Media Prayer Breakfast in Los Angeles this fall. More than 1,000 people are expected to attend, joining celebrities, top producers, directors and decision-makers to pray for the 700 most powerful and influential media professionals in the world.

Established in 2004, the National Media Prayer Breakfast was designed to mobilize spiritual support for leaders of global media, and reinforce the value of faith in media and entertainment. A Christian event open to people of all faiths, the prayer breakfast is not political. It is a positive expression of care and support for those leaders of global media who wield tremendous influence across the culture.

"The message to Hollywood's elite is that there are millions of Christians who care enough about them to pray for them—not boycott, protest or criticize them," Dr. Larry Poland, founder of the breakfast and chief executive officer of Mastermedia International—a ministry focused on leaders in the entertainment and media industries. We want to send media leaders a positive message of God's love and forgiveness."

Poland said he feels strongly about creating positive alternatives to the "anger strategies" that he said have been directed at the entertainment community by many Christians in the past.

The National Media Prayer Breakfast will take place Nov. 3 at The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Century City. The event is open to the public. There is a registration fee, and attendees must register online by Oct. 30.

Poland said he believes the prayer breakfast and other events have already had an impact on the industry.

"Leaders of film and TV companies in Hollywood are stunned by the National Media Prayer Breakfast," Poland said. "Christians are coming to town to show their love and care for them and to pray for them—not bash, boycott, and attack them. The message is refreshing. After all, Hollywood is a mission field—it's even in the 10-40 window! It's time we mobilized the American Church to pray as never before for 'the most influential unreached people group in the world—the leaders of global media.'"

The prayer breakfast is co-sponsored by the Hollywood Prayer Network, directed by Karen Covell, an advocate on the power of prayer, and its ability to change attitudes in Hollywood.

"The only way that people will see a change in the content that's coming out of Hollywood is to pray that the hearts of the people creating that content will change," she said. "Simply put, I believe that prayer is the strongest tool we have to touch the hearts and lives of decision-makers and to see a change in the content of Hollywood's TV shows and films."

Believers from around the world are encouraged to come to Hollywood and be part of this incredible event. Those who can't make the event are being urged to set aside the date and pray for the entertainment and media industries as part of their day. The truth, organizers said, is that Hollywood won't experience a spiritual awakening until believers get past their anger enough to pray for the people who run the place.

In addition to the breakfast, Mastermedia International has been supporting Hollywood for 16 years through its Media Leader Prayer Calendar, a guide to praying for the 365 most powerful people in media. For more information about the ministry, call 1-866-807-6672.

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