Polls show morality in America on a disappointing downward spiral


We are facing a real epidemic in our nation today—an immorality epidemic. For years, we at Advocates for Faith & Freedom have been at the front lines in defense of our historically revered and constitutionally protected religious liberties. That's what makes it even more difficult to face the issue of declining morality in America today.

Recently, Gallup Polls released new research regarding whether American citizens find certain behaviors and social policies morally acceptable.

Now, we all know that poll results are subject to the methodology and research sample of the study and, as a result, may not accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of a majority of Americans. Nevertheless, even if these numbers are off—we still have reason for concern.

More than half of Americans believe that homosexual activity is morally acceptable.

More than half of Americans believe that having a baby outside of marriage is morally acceptable.

Thirty-eight percent of Americans think that abortion is morally acceptable (see the poll below).

These statistics, in particular, sadden me. In a nation where nearly 80 percent of people claim to be Christians, why are these numbers so off? It seems that 80 percent of the people in this study should have stated that the behaviors that the Bible speaks against are morally unacceptable.

Where is our nation headed? And who is fighting for America's soul? Will we be bold enough to teach our children biblical beliefs and ethics in a world that calls Christians bigots and hypocrites? Will we pass on the concepts of Christianity and morality that served as the foundation for our nation?

We are on the cusp of one of the most important elections of our lifetime. With the current administration we have faced economic downturn, a healthcare mandate that most Americans don't want and a president who has publicly stated his support of gay marriage and abortion. Will our nation choose to vote their morals?

Twelve years ago, following the 2000 elections, another researcher, George Barna, stated, "Most Christians' votes were influenced more by their economic self-interest than by their spiritual and moral values."

Barna suggested that America was entering a period that historians will someday regard as the beginning of the era of moral anarchy. 

"The next 10 years will be crucial toward determining the capacity of the American church to be a serious influence on the culture." And that was more than 10 years ago!

It is now 2012, and we head into the upcoming elections—and a new school year for our children—with a profound sense of urgency. If we, and the church, don't stand up for morality and make our voice heard, then we will certainly be setting a precedent for generations to come. We must embolden ourselves and make the decision to fight for what is right—to take an unwavering stand for our individual and religious liberties!

Bursch is associate general counsel at Advocates for Faith and Freedom. For more information, visit www.faith-freedom.com.

Published, July 2012
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