PJI releases its annual 'Hall of Shame'


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal defense organization that specializes in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights and other civil liberties, has released its annual "Hall of Shame" list.

The annual list highlights incidents that the institute believes represents the worst instances of hostility toward faith, family and freedom.

1. Massachusetts Supreme Court requires same-sex marriage to be allowed.

2. San Francisco judge blocks enforcement of Proposition 83, which would have given children more protection against pedophiles.

3. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs SB 1441, which requires faith-based organizations to hire transsexuals and homosexuals.

4. Pastor accused of "hate speech" for distributing 9/11 tracts comparing Christianity with Islam.

5. Mark Foley, whose committee is responsible for protecting kids, is involved in pornographic emails to congressional pages.

6. Federal court rules that parents have no rights to challenge explicit sex surveys given to their children at public schools.

7. Washington State Supreme Court declares that unions have a constitutional right to spend forced dues as they please.

8. Riverside city employee silences Christmas carolers.

9. Ninth Circuit upholds suspension of Poway student wearing T-shirt in opposition to the Day of Silence (a day of support for homosexuality).

10. California voters say "no" to allowing parents to be told of their minor child's impending abortion.

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