New creation film features 3D technology


PENSACOLA, Fla — A group of Creation advocates have teamed up together to produce a new film, Genesis 3D. The educational and entertaining movie will present the Biblical creation account from Genesis.

For the first time, movie audiences will be able to experience the six days of creation in high definition stereoscopic 3D. The film will use state of the art computer generated imagery with the models, textures, animations and special effects, according to the films producers.

"Some people can't get to the Gospel until they see that Genesis is historically and scientifically accurate," said Ralph Strean of Sevenfold Films and producer of Genesis 3D.

"We are presenting the truth in the most excellent way possible," he continued.

Producers of the movie contend that interest and demand for 3D films has reached an all-time high, and advancements in technology gives artists the freedom to bring ideas to life that ten years ago would have either been financially unattainable or visually too complex for the technology.

"We are looking to educate people on the truth of scripture and how science and the Bible fit together perfectly," said Eric Hovind president of Creation Today and executive producer of Genesis 3D.

Hovind states that the movie will be a 'phenomenal' evangelistic tool.

The producers of the project state that the visual effects are matched with cutting edge research from scientific experts who support a literal historical view of Genesis.

"I'm very excited about the Genesis movie. To present what Genesis teaches us in 3D, is an incredible concept," said Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis.

The films producers launched a campaign through Indiegogo, a Crowdfunding platform, to raise $150,000 to help finish production, market and distribute it in theaters. More than $86,000 has already been raised with the month of October still left in the campaign.

But not everyone is excited about the film's success.

"I'm not at all surprised at this kind of support," said David Silverman, president of American Atheists. "As we have seen in nearly every religion in world history, indoctrinated victims of religion will do anything, including pay large sums of money, to have their antiquated beliefs of immortality validated."

Silverman suggests that flashy movies may make Christians feel like there is validity to their 'myth that they are immortal, covering up the known and proven truth with special effects.'

Paul Taylor, director of development of Creation Today, says Silverman's conclusions are flawed.

"Why should Silverman even worry about 'flashy movies?" Taylor asked. "If we really were making things up and trying to persuade people of 'our myths', and at the same time undermining those who have different opinions, Silverman should applaud that as a form of survival of the fittest."

"Silverman does not believe in absolute truth, so he has no logical basis on which to define something as a 'flashy lie,'" Taylor continued.

To learn more about the project go to Genesis 3D.