NBC cuts back on editing 'VeggieTales'


After initially requiring that all references to biblical or evangelical messages be edited out of the popular children's show "VeggieTales," NBC has cut back on its editing requests in episodes it has aired this fall, according to the show's creator, Phil Vischer.

"Well, we've just shipped out the last few episodes, and guess what? Bob and Larry are talking about God!" Visher wrote on his blog Oct. 31. "'Huh?' you say, 'Wazzup wit dat?' Well, I really don't know. But the last four or five episodes, most of which had at least as much 'theistic' content as the earlier ones, if not more, came back from NBC standards and practices department with no requested edits. None. So they're going to air just the way they were originally written."

Vischer said he has no idea what caused the change, but he reported that NBC may have received about 600,000 e-mails about the VeggieTales edits. He added that he cannot confirm or deny the rumor.

"But I do know I'm thrilled the last few stories, including Madame Blueberry and King George and the Ducky, will be airing just as we wrote them -- without a single edit," he wrote. "That's really cool, don't you think?

"So if you stopped watching your veggies on NBC out of protest, turn it back on! Your protest may have brought a little more light to TV's 'vast wasteland,'" Vischer said. "Let NBC know you're thrilled with their recent choices by watching the show."

In a statement, NBC said its standards have not changed regarding the show, which is broadcast on Saturdays at 10 a.m. Eastern.

"NBC is committed to the positive messages and universal values of VeggieTales," the network said. "Our goal is to reach as broad an audience as possible with these positive messages, while being careful not to advocate any one religious point of view."