Mission America launches nationwide monitoring of curriculum issues


As battles over public school curricula are playing out in districts across the country, Mission America has unveiled a new School Risk Audit as a way for parents and churches to monitor homosexual activist activity in their local school districts.

The effort was announced April 26 to coincide with the national "Day of Silence" where students are encouraged to not talk all day on campus in support of gay and lesbian students.

The project is sponsored by the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council and state chapters of pro-family groups such as Eagle Forum.

The impetus for the monitoring campaign was a 2005 Southern Baptist Convention Education Resolution—endorsed by more than 60 conservative grassroots organizations—that encouraged its state and local affiliates to undertake risk audits in local school districts. Conservatives allege that in some instances, educational leaders are encouraging the homosexual advocacy.

"The insidious alliance between some school administrations and homosexual activists has been hidden from parents for far too long," Tony Perkins, of Family Research Council, said in a news release. "Recent events in Lexington, Massachusetts and similar instances across the country demonstrate the next phase in the campaign to normalize homosexual behavior—the capturing of America's youth. American families need to know about the homosexual indoctrination being forced upon young impressionable minds. Conducting a risk audit in local school districts will help do just that."

Local districts targeted
In addition to the audit, the survey includes a state-by-state list of initial targets for the project. The Southern California districts listed as initial targets are Garden Grove Unified School District and Saddleback Valley Unified School District, plus four in San Diego County. The targeted districts were suggested because of several factors: geographic location or distribution, past activities or a grassroots network that could "kick-start the research process."

The Risk Audit, a survey instrument created by Mission America founder Linda Harvey of Mission America, is designed to help "Christian organizations, churches and parents in determining whether their local school districts are placing children at risk by having clubs, programs, policies, or curricula that could influence children to regard homosexual behavior as an acceptable lifestyle."

Parents in the dark?
The ultimate weapon, the conservative leaders said, is parental involvement, but first they need to be educated themselves.

"Based on my 10 years of tracking and researching the growth of homosexual activism in public schools, I know that very few parents are aware that the majority of public school districts are selling our children the dangerous and false notion that homosexuality is a normal and acceptable lifestyle," Harvey said.

The sponsoring agencies said they are confident that as parents become more aware of the classroom environment, they will begin to seek out other options for educating their children.

"Parents are responsible for the education and upbringing of their children," said Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum. "That is why it is imperative that parents have full knowledge of what their children are taught in public school classrooms, especially concerning lifestyles that are contrary to societal norms.

"It is most unfortunate that homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality are embraced by America's largest teachers' unions forcing even unwilling teachers to become conduits for the union's radical agenda in classrooms. Parents do not want their children held captive to that radical agenda."

For more information on the three California bills log on to leginfo.ca.gov/bilinfo.html, or californiafamily.org and ca.cwfa.org, which both carry important resources.  

For more information on the project or the actual Risk Audit, visit missionamerica.com.