Leprosy Victims Come to Faith After Watching Christ Heal Diseases in 'Jesus' Film

by Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Contributor |

(PHOTO: REUTERS/RICARDO ROJAS)Leprosy victim at hospital on July 9, 2012.

Leprosy sufferers without fingers and toes in South Sudan are coming to faith after watching depictions of Christ healing people with diseases in the "Jesus" film project.

Staurt Bowman of Partners in Compassionate Care told Mission Network News last week that the 1979 film was recently screened in a small leper colony in the Junglei state.

"Just to see the reaction of Jesus healing people — I think it leaves a lot of questions, but when we talk about the healing that God brings inwardly towards people, and how He can restore them in a relationship where they can praise and worship Jesus because of their sins being forgiven, it was a real experience to sit down with them and to pray and have almost every single person there accept and just commit their life to the King," Bowman shared.

Although leprosy has been cured in much of the world, those who live in sections of deeply impoverished countries, such as South Sudan, still suffer from it.

Sufferers are often ostracized and live apart from the rest of society, where they deal with violence between tribal groups, hunger, sickness, and homelessness.

Sharing more on his recent trip to the leper colony, Bowman said that his missionary team met with 35 people.

"These people, many of them don't even have fingers. They don't have toes," he recalled.

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