Keeping the Christmas season Christ centered


The line from Thanksgiving into the Christmas season seems to be getting shorter every year as commercialism takes over the holidays.

Many people are searching for ways to keep the Christmas season centered around the birth of Jesus. Here are some suggestions for keeping this Christmas season focused on the birth of our Savior.

Last year more than 10,000 people signed up to follow Natwivity on Twitter and Facebook.  

Natwivity follows the story of the Nativity starting on Dec. 1 through Christmas Day. The story is told from a 140-character daily entry which is focused on a thought or comment from Mary, Joseph, the wisemen and shepherds, with further entries from Herod, an innkeeper (and his wife) and friends of Mary and Joseph.

According to the developers, Share Creative, some of the comments last year were hilarious and light. "Others showed that people were really finding something new in the story and engaging with it on a new human level."

Followers of the story will be able to engage the characters as they re-tell the Christmas story in a fresh way using social media and capturing the Internet generation.

People can follow the tweets using their phones or computers.!/natwivity

Watch The Nativity Story on DVD
The Nativity Story by New Line Cinema chronicles the journey of Mary and Joseph, a divine pregnancy and the miraculous birth of Jesus.

Observe Advent
Advents marks the beginning of the church year and starts four Sundays before Christmas day. Advent is the season of waiting and watching for the coming of Jesus—in human flesh—to be the Savior of the world.

Advent Activity Calendar by Thriving Family —  This calendar offers daily Scripture readings, parent-child activities and links to JellyTelly video clips, stories, crafts, Christmas carols, recipes, Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas and more!

Rediscovering the Christmas Season — This is reading plan takes non-traditional twist on the season of Advent. The readings include reflection questions and action steps to center each day on Jesus.

Christmas Devotional readings
Carols: A Christmas Devotional — Take 25 days and explore the biblical roots of Christmas songs that were born out of the joy of the season.

The Christmas Story — This YouVersion 5-day plan focuses on Christ's birth by chronicling the humble beginnings of the Savior of the world.

The Christmas Story — A daily Scripture reading from Christmas newsletters that walks through the entire Christmas story in the Bible, from beginning to end starting December 13.

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