Judge dismisses lawsuit over Arizona Day of Prayer


PHOENIX — A Superior Court judge dismissed a lawsuit against Gov. Jan Brewer's proclamations designating an Arizona Day of Prayer.

Judge Eileen Willett granted a motion to dismiss with prejudice a lawsuit filed by the Freedom from Religion Foundation in March 2010. The Aug. 8 ruling found that FFRF had failed to demonstrate any injury cause by the governor's prayer proclamations and will not hear a challenge on the same issue again.

Brewer issued a statement applauding the court of rejecting the lawsuit.

"Uniting in prayer is a custom as old as our nation itself. For centuries, millions of Americans of every race, creed and color have come together in voluntary prayer to seek strength and wisdom," Brewer said.

This is an American right and tradition, and one that I've proudly marked each year I've been governor by proclaiming an Arizona Day of Prayer," she said.

The annual Arizona Day of Prayer is a voluntary event.

Every president since 1952 has signed a National Day of Prayer proclamation and the governors of all 50 states have regularly issued similar proclamations.