Jerry Falwell honored by Virginia lawmakers


RICHMOND, Va. — The late Jerry Falwell was honored posthumously by Virginia state legislators Feb. 6, the same day his son, Jonathan delivered the opening prayer at the Virginia House of Delegates.

The resolution, passed by the House and Senate passed honored the elder Falwell for his service to the state and to the worldwide Christian community. Falwell founded and lead Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University until his sudden death May 15. Jonathan now leads the church and his brother, Jerry Jr. is chancellor of the university.

House Joint Resolution No. 347, titled, "Celebrating the Life of Jerry Laymon Falwell," praised the Baptist pastor, as "one of America's most influential leaders" and "a man of remarkable faith." It also recounted the early days of Thomas Road Baptist Church—which met in an old Donald Duck Cola bottling plant with 35 charter members—to its current membership of over 21,000. The resolution also noted his first days of broadcasting on local radio and television stations.

In addition to Falwell's sons and their wives, his widow, Macel, and the eight Falwell grandchildren were in attendance. Falwell's only daughter, Jeannie, missed the presentation because of illness.