How to Prepare and Protect Your Church in the New Year

by John Harding , Christian Post Contributor |

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)A photo of a small rural church building in a prairie or pasture setting, by Kelly Boone ( on January 1, 2003.

New Year's resolutions can be daunting. But often, it is the basic actions – done day after day – that lead to realizing those larger goals. Your church can be a part of protecting religious freedom, not only for your local church, but for the Church as a whole. If that resolution is on your heart, then here are some basic actions that your church's board can take this year:

1. Your church's governing documents are critical. Not only do they help with the general operations of your church and help set boundaries for your congregation, they can also have a big impact on your religious freedom.Courts look to governing documents as evidence if, and when, your church is ever in court for a religious liberty claim. Having the proper documents in place can sometimes mean the difference between winning and losing a case. If you want to get started on the right foot for protecting your church's religious liberty this year, we strongly suggest you have a lawyer trained in religious liberty law perform an audit of your governing documents and policies. Many are surprised by how much these documents should change in order to affirm your rights as a church.

2. This year, you may be looking to plant a church, start a new ministry, purchase land, announce new policies, or open your church facilities to your congregation for various events. Each of these actions taken by your church leadership could have religious liberty implications.

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