How big is your vision?


In 1975, a young college dropout assembled a small band of visionaries who shared a common dream: that the personal computer would someday be as commonplace as the television in homes across America and around the world.  

The young man was Bill Gates, the company was Microsoft, and today computers have changed the way the world communicates. Along the way, Bill Gates has become one of the world's richest men and one of its greatest philanthropists. Why? Because Gates motivated his colleagues to reach the world for Microsoft.

How big is your vision? Have you ever dreamed about what God could do through you to help win the world to Jesus Christ?

Preparing his apostles for what was soon to come, Jesus startled them by saying:

"I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask Me for anything in My name, and I will do it. If you love Me, you will obey what I command" (John 14:12-15).

Don't underestimate those words. Read them again. Here in capsule form Christ challenges His disciples—and that now includes you and me—to dream great dreams, plan great plans, pray great prayers, and obey His great commands.

To each disciple Christ said, "You can continue the work I have been doing." And His promise is the same to you and me. He calls us to dream great dreams of what we can do to impact the world for His glory.

Great things in your life
Have you stopped seeing great things happen in your life? Perhaps you have stopped believing that God can work in a mighty way in our generation. But what limits the work of God here on earth?

Is God somehow incapable of renewing the churches in America and around the world? Of turning the hearts of multiplied thousands to Himself? Of causing the fires of revival to spread throughout this country and beyond? Of course not! Yet God has chosen to limit His works, at least in some measure, to those things we trust Him to do through us.

Why is it that so few Christians ever accomplish great things for Christ? I believe it is because we lose the ability to dream great dreams. You see it happening all the time.

New believers are notorious for their enthusiasm and almost childlike trust in God.

But as time goes by, hardening of the spiritual arteries sets in and we become cynical. We lose the joy and thrill of the Christian life. We become nonchalant about God's work around the world!

Dream again
In order for God to use us again, we need to confess our unbelief and say: "Lord Jesus, renew my vision of Your power. Renew my confidence in Your abilities. Renew my trust in Your resources." Then begin to dream again!

Where have your own dreams stopped? Have they been lost somewhere between your living room and the house next door? If your dreams aren't greater than paying your bills or acquiring the newest electronic device, then your vision isn't divine. Maybe it's time to consider how God could use you to make a difference in the lives of others.

Opportunities to serve Christ abound throughout the world, from South Africa to South America, from the Middle East to the Far East. The opportunities are great throughout the globe … and in your neighborhood. But how can we impact our generation for Christ? Is it really possible to "preach the gospel to all nations?"

San Diego outreach
San Diegans have a great opportunity to do just that this summer as part of our Season of Service outreach. Already, thousands of volunteers have mobilized to help fight homelessness and hunger. Hundreds of others have committed time to serve as mentors to the rudderless. In July and August our impact events will target the military and schools.

What better way to build the kingdom than by emulating the Lord Jesus Christ himself? He modeled such love by serving others and sharing the Good News. Why can't we?

I believe it is possible to preach to gospel by taking God at His word and making plans to accomplish great things by His power working in us.

Do you have dreams and plans of what God might do through your life? Or are you just busy with life's routine, ordinary tasks? Have you become bored—or boring?

Abandoning complacency
Our Lord challenges us to abandon our complacency when He says, "You can do even greater things than I have done through my Spirit who indwells you." He doesn't intend for us to sit idly by and simply dream of what could happen for His glory. He wants us to plan great plans so that those dreams can come true.

Over the years, God has stretched my own vision. At first, God burdened my heart for the city of Cordoba where I lived as a young man, then neighboring areas, then all of Argentina. Finally I dreamed of preaching the gospel throughout all of Latin America.

But God wasn't through with me yet. Today, in faith, my team and I want to let the whole world hear the voice of God. With that dream, we are planning the CityFest at Mission Bay Park on Sept. 11. We will enhance the outreach by using contemporary media resources and innovative evangelism techniques, to reach the world with the Good News.

What about you? Are you expecting great things from God? Or are you letting the opportunities pass you by? If it's true that the Lord wants the gospel preached worldwide, than we can't remain passive. Whatever our gifts or abilities or resources, we need to work together as faithful stewards of what God has bestowed on us.

Dream a little. Envision the 4 billion people who have not yet heard of God's love.

Start doing something by making specific plans of action. Determine how God could use you to share Christ at work, at school, in your neighborhood—and beyond. Use our Web site to find serving opportunities through the Season of Service. Remember, God wants to use you. Let Him!

Are you willing to gain a vision of what God could do through you to win others to Himself? After all, God doesn't have a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C for evangelizing the world. He only has one plan—and that's you and me.

World evangelist and author Luis Palau is an international evangelist and author. His ministry is hosting this summer's Season of Service outreach project and CityFest, a daylong celebration at Mission Bay featuring Christian bands, extreme sports and other family friendly activities.

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Published, June 2010