Hollywood Prayer Network seeks Christians to start praying, stop boycotting


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The Hollywood Prayer Network has launched its red 90028 wristbands and a mySpace Web page as the next phase in its effort to raise awareness of Hollywood as "the world's most influential mission field."

The new red wristbands, unveiled March 19, are embossed with 90028, the postal ZIP code for Hollywood. The bracelets are similar to the yellow Livestrong wristband made popular by cyclist Lance Armstrong to inspire and empower those affected by cancer.

The campaign asks people to enlist in three specific prayer actions: that  Christians working in Hollywood would be ambassadors of beauty, truth and grace, that Christians around the globe will embrace 90028 as a mission field and that celebrities and decision makers will come to know how high and long and wide and deep is Christ's love for them.

"Hollywood is the seat of influence globally, and HPN wants to do our part in challenging the church to join us in praying for the people and the projects in this industry, said Karen Covell, founder and director of the Hollywood Prayer Network. "We believe that praying for Hollywood is having an eternal impact."

As a tie-in to the wristbands, the network has created a 90028 page on mySpace, a prominent web portal for people of all ages to write personal blogs, e-mail their friends and market their events. The network's mySpace page will feature blogs with articles and updated prayer requests to guide users as they pray for the celebrities and decision makers in Hollywood.

In addition to the 90028 wristbands, other promotional items include remote prayer stickers—which are designed to stick on the front of any TV remote to encourage viewers to "Pray for this show," and The Hollywood Tribe, a documentary DVD that includes a 15-minute main feature and more than an hour of special features in which Christians working in Hollywood share stories of what God is doing in and through them as they work in the entertainment industry. Both items are available for free on the network's Web site e-store.

In the six years since its creation in 2001, the network's membership has grown to more than 5,000 members. It reaches out to churches, para-church organizations and individuals across the globe, asking them to stop boycotting Hollywood and its products and to begin praying for all aspects of film, television, music and news media.

With its latest campaign, ministry leaders hope to double that number in the next year.

For more information, visit www.hollywoodprayernetwork.org or call (323) 462-8486, ext. 117.

Published, May 2007