Healthcare bill includes a bigger dose of tax dollars for abortion providers


The Senate is now debating two healthcare bills since President Obama has made reforming the nation's healthcare system one of his top legislative priorities. Under the Miller-Waxman-Rangel healthcare bill, funding for "family planning" is mandatory, meaning more tax dollars for abortion providers.

Unlike Sen. Ted Kennedy's (D-Mass.) plan, this bill—unveiled by Reps. George Miller (D-Calif.), Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.)—includes almost everything on President Obama's wish list.

For several weeks, abortion providers have been working with the Obama administration to guarantee that the healthcare overhaul would not affect "family planning" funding.

"The Miller-Waxman-Rangel bill is a dream come true for groups like Planned Parenthood," said Tony Perkins of Family Research Council in a press release. "Under this proposal, funding for 'family planning' would be mandatory, meaning that organizations like Planned Parenthood (which already counts on taxpayers for a third of its budget) would stand to make even more under the guise of 'reform.'"

The bill also includes controversial reforms such as mandating that all Americans obtain health insurance, a requirement that employers either provide health converge or help employees pay for it.

The plan doesn't include information about costs, but the lawmakers said they would pay for reforms with new, unspecified taxes.

"What we do know is that Planned Parenthood has a seat at the President's table, and that should alarm every American who cherishes life, freedom, and conscience," said Perkins.

When asked about the price tag, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) made a pretty revealing statement, saying, "...[W]e are reluctant to ask the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) for a [cost analysis] score."

"With the public growing more critical about the cost by the day, we have a real chance to defeat this healthcare takeover," urged Perkins. "Now that abortion coverage is no longer a hypothetical, we need all hands on deck."

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