Gradualist agenda creates anti-American, anti-Christian generation


It has been wisely stated, perhaps because it is painfully true, that "Satan is a gradualist." To be a gradualist, one must be patient and persistent in their endeavor before any real lasting change can take effect. For the gradualist to succeed, it is best for him or her to go about their agenda without being detected. Then, when all is in place and few, if any, have noticed, the well-organized change that the gradualist has worked so hard toward and has concealed so well can be unveiled before the masses.

While the majority of Americans have been going about their business, a gradualist ideology has been afoot and is now beginning to unveil itself to the American people. This gradualist has been patiently investing in our children's schools via curriculum, thus indoctrinating our children's way of thinking. This gradualist has been persistently using America's Judeo-Christian laws and freedoms to quietly weave its own leaven among us. This gradualist is a foreign belief system that seeks to overturn or overrun our culture to establish its own interpretation of what life and freedom should look like. This gradualist is the Islamic, geopolitical advancement of the teachings and doctrine of Muhammad and the Muslim worldview.

In brief, the American way of life and culture is under attack and is now fighting for its survival. Extreme you say? Then do yourself an uncomfortable favor. I invite you to go through your children's textbooks. Look carefully at their history and social studies books and homework. You may find what many of us and our school districts have found—that there is a bold, yet subtle advancement of presenting Islam in a way that is anything but historically accurate at the expense of misrepresenting Christianity and our American history.

According to many parents that I have spoken with, the patience and persistence of this gradualist is paying off. More and more students are graduating from high school and universities with a bitter, angry view of America, Christianity, democracy and American history. But why and how is it that we are now seeing America's future growing up before our eyes with an anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-Patriot worldview? Perhaps the simplest answer is because we have allowed it. Those of us who love this country have been sitting it out way too long. Christians have somehow soothed themselves into thinking that staying out of public office or off the school board was a smart idea.

As Americans, we need to hold our educational system accountable to teach our children how to compete with the rest of the world. America spends more money per child annually than any other country, yet our children continue to slip off of the academic charts when compared to these other industrialized nations.

America is adrift and going through a change unlike anything our nation has ever seen before. Not only is it a change that is uncharted for us as a country, it is a change that has no clear definition. This can only lead to a void of knowledge and a vacuum of culture that the gradualist will no doubt take advantage of.

Sitting silent
The danger is that we, as Americans, continue to do what we have been doing—sitting silent. The truth is that it is up to you and me, Joe and Josephine citizen, to get involved and to hold our school boards accountable. We also need to hold our politicians responsible and require our president to be constitutional. We must not sit idle anymore. Some of you reading this opinion should pray about running for your local school board, some of you should run for the state Assembly and others for Congress or for the Senate. Teach your children to seek after greatness and to pursue places of power that will bring the very best of what it means to be an American back again. Teach them about our Founding Fathers and the patriot pastors that fueled the birth of our nation's revolution. Teach them about America's first international war against Muslim pirates along the Barbary Coast and so much more. It was Edmund Burke who said "All that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing"—that, my friend, is now, no longer tolerable!

Hibbs is senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and is the host of Real Radio.

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Published, October 2009