God's Prophetic Word to This Nation

by Nolan Harkness , Christian Post Contributor |

On my website in big blue letters are the words "God is Still Speaking to His People!" I say that, realizing full well that in our culture there is a semantics-wrestling match concerning the real meaning of what I have just said. If you believe that God by His Holy Spirit still speaks through various means to His people today, then I feel sure your heart will rejoice while reading this article. If not, then what you are about to read could be troubling. However, it is my prayer that you will open your heart to a living God, the God who says of Himself "For I am the LORD, I change not!" Malachi 3:6a. (KJV). To those Christian brothers and sisters who have not yet experienced God in this way in their lives, my deepest love goes out to you. I spent many years of my Christian experience and upbringing never knowing about the wonderful gift of prophecy that God has given to the New Testament Church. May you discover it too!

God has used me in prophetic ministry for over 40 years. I give Him all the glory. All that I can say is that I have learned I am just a voice. When the Spirit of God comes upon me, at appropriate times with experienced spiritual elders present to judge it, I open my mouth and God gives me the words. They can come forth audibly in an assembly of believers during a pause in the service. Prophecy also sometimes comes in a written form, like the Psalmist says in Psalms 45:1b (KJV), "my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

We must remember that God once spoke through a donkey to the Prophet Balaam in Numbers 22:28. If this small town boy from rural Pennsylvania can be used as God's mouthpiece then to Him be all the Glory! I only know I am a man of prayer who continues to seek God with all his heart and that through the years God has revealed many things to me. One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 33:3 (KJV) "Call on the Lord and He will show you great and mighty things that you know not!"

On July 24, 2016, ironically, two years before the writing of this article, God gave the following prophetic word for me to give to our church in upstate New York. I remember very clearly that when the prophecy came forth, I realized that while it was being released at that time in a local church, it was designed by God to be heard at some future time by the whole nation. For reasons only God knows, He has not released me to share it publically beyond our church until now. May we hear the heart of the Lord as well as the Word of the Lord in the prophecy. It should not be viewed as a condemning blow from a harsh taskmaster, but as a beckoning plea from a loving father, calling His children unto Himself. May the words bless and speak to your heart as they did to all of us in our assembly two years ago.

For this is what the Lord says. Enter into my presence. Enter into my rest, says God,
for in me you shall find peace
For there shall be wars and rumors of wars, but do not let your heart be troubled.
For the Great Bald Eagle does not seek me as she once did.
And her flag flies at half-staff across her land,
Mourning the loss of her loved ones.
For she does not seek me as she did.
The Great Bald Eagle is reaping what she has sown.
For she no longer prays as she used to.
she does not seek me like she did in the days of her forefathers,
Who sought me earnestly with all their hearts,
when the nation was built on prayer
And the leading of my Holy Spirit.
But the Great Bald Eagle
Leans now on the schools of higher learning
and the intellect of man
and she no longer leans on my direction.
So she is reaping from what she has sown,
and no longer sees the need for me, says God
For there has never been as much sin in the world since the beginning of time
And they do not realize that they are reaping what they have sown.
Because she has sown death
she is reaping death
If she would sow righteousness,
she would reap righteousness.
But I say unto you,
seek my face
and lean on my Spirit
and be thou faithful
unto death
and I will give you a Crown of Life!

The Spirit of God in this word recognizes we are living in troubled times. As is predicted by the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 24:6, there are wars and rumors of wars all around us. For the past couple of years our nation dealt with the threat of war with North Korea, and as that threat dissipated, it didn't take long for talk of war with Iran to be developed. God knows and sees all.

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