Former fire fighter uses retired engine as evangelism tool


BELLFLOWER, Calif. — During his yearlong stint with the Santa Fe Springs Fire Department in Southern California, Pat Rojas raced to structure fires, including the 1990 Powerine Oil refinery explosion, in an effort to extinguish the flames. These days he still rides a fire truck, but his desire is now focused on igniting spiritual fires among the lost.

"People generally trust firemen because they are often seen as rescuers," said Rojas, who left the department to focus on his real estate business but ministers the gospel through a vintage fire truck he purchased several years ago.

"The fire engine is His idea and is working to open doors every time we take it out," said Rojas. "I asked the Lord to give me a door to open in a broader fashion when sharing the Lord. He sent me to a car show in Huntington Beach (where) for the first time I had ever seen a fire engine for sale."

After seeking counsel from the Lord, Rojas made an offer for a retired rig. Providentially, Rojas said the son of the fire truck's owner pleaded his case.

"(He) told his dad to work with me since I shared the gospel with him a year ago," Rojas said. "The vision for fire truck was to generate 1,000 evangelists and other firemen to invest in more fire engines and preach the Good News."

Rojas is helped in the fire truck endeavor by retired firefighter Ken Harrison, who stores the apparatus in his garage.

"He also evangelizes with us." Rojas said.

Rojas and his team use the traveling evangelism tool, a 1976 International with two CAT diesels, at historical and community events where they also distribute gospel tracts.

"Police departments have given us favor and all have supported our ministry and allowed us to park on main streets and share the good news," he said. "The attention derived by the fire engine, and the barriers that come down due to most people trusting firemen, has quickened our ability to deliver the gospel to families."

A Christian for nearly 37 years, Rojas said his passion has always been reaching out to the lost, leading him to become the chaplain of evangelism for Calvary Chapel Bellflower, which operates a group called United Soul Winners.

"What draws me to evangelism is I was lost and knew the lost feelings," he said. "The Lord has given me a passion for the sacred sinner. Our goal is to reach 50 million lost souls to Christ. If there are 50 million Christians in the United States, all we need is for each Christian to lead one soul to Christ. We could see a dramatic change in our country immediately. Oh how we need Jesus more than ever today."

In addition to reaching out to the unsaved, Rojas is eager to motivate churches to rediscover the mantle of evangelism.

"With the amount of Christians who actually are involved in evangelism at two percent, we are involved in trying to motivate the churches to incorporate little more of their focus to evangelism," he said.

"I can only say that an abundance of churches are settled at little or no evangelism outreach. This country could change if the church would deliver the saving knowledge of Jesus to the sacred sinner."

His passion, he said, is spurred on by Revelation 22:12, which warns believers they will be held accountable for their actions.

"What ever you can do will add to the kingdom and last for eternity," he said. "Personally I cannot stop evangelizing. The 11 apostles could not stop. What drove these men to invest their lives for the lost?"

Muslims and atheists
In addition to his local outreach, Rojas and his team have also reached out to Muslims living in Michigan.

"We have seen and been part of numerous Muslims coming to Christ," the former fire fighter said. "We have been to Dearborn where the highest population of Muslims have had the largest gathering of the year for six years. The Lord has us sharing with atheists, agnostics, Catholics and religious people that confess Christ as Savior. We just deliver the message. He does the convicting and moving by His precious Spirit."

Rojas plans to share his insights on leading people to salvation through "Unstoppable Evangelism," a book he is writing on the topic.

"It chronicles past men and women that could not stop evangelizing and what drove them," he said. "Unstoppable Evangelism could change this land if we would simply connect to what the apostles connected with: Cause, Command, Commission, Consequence. The cure is Jesus and Jesus only."

By Christ's provision
Rojas's ministry is funded privately through his real estate brokerage and investments.

"Actually, the Lord funds the ministry without donations," he said. "The power comes from Jesus, which I ask for consistently."

Over the years, Rojas said he has purchased more than 1 million tracts, coins, newsletters and CDs, which have been distributed to the lost either directly or by other evangelistic ministries to which Rojas donates materials.

"Some 53 percent of people come to Christ through some form of written material each year," the evangelist said. "I can honestly say the Lord takes care of His business and has always provided."