Faith Deployed: Lifting up the ones left behind


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — As thousands of U.S. military serve the country overseas, their families make steep sacrifices on the home front. Military families experience a high rate of divorce, financial difficulties, discouragement over extended deployments, and other family issues.

Jocelyn Green, the wife of a former Coast Guard officer, speaks to the needs of the brave, unsung heroes who are called military wives. Green, along with 14 other contributors from every branch of the U.S. military, have created a first-of-its-kind collection of inspiring devotionals addressing the stressful lifestyle military families face. "Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives" was released by Moody Publishers in November.

The book is described as not a "10 easy steps" for a painless life, but rather as a collection of nearly 90 devotionals that squarely address the challenges wives face when their husbands are away protecting freedom. Challenges like:

• How does a military wife maintain a strong sense of patriotism without allowing her country to become an idol?

• What good can possibly come from moving every two or three years?

• How can I be sure that God's purpose for my life is as strong as His purpose for my husband's?

Faith Deployed explores all these questions and more from a biblical perspective.

"Good morale is essential to good military functioning, and an essential element to military morale is what's happening on the home front," said Tom Neven, Focus on the Family editorial director, Marine Corps veteran and author of "On the Frontline: A Personal Guidebook for the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Challenges of Military Life."

"Jocelyn Green writes to those thousands of military wives left to tend the home fires as their husbands deploy around the world—often for more than a year at a time," said Neven. "Grounded in solid, practical, been-there advice and rooted in biblical truth, Faith Deployed should be essential reading for everyone whose husband serves in uniform."

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