Evangelist seizes on million-dollar evangelism opportunity


BELLFLOWER, Calif. — Evangelist Ray Comfort, who made headlines in June when the U.S. Secret Service seized thousands of his $1 million Scripture tracts, has changed the look of the ministry tool.

At the same time, publicity from the episode has pumped up demand for the product that is practically outpacing the printing.

"I was surprised that a Texas judge sided with the Secret Service in believing that the million dollar bill is too close to real currency, and for weeks we've been expecting them to seize (the rest of) our supply," Comfort, co-host of "The Way of the Master" television show, said in a news release.

As a result, some dramatic changes are being made to the tracts, Comfort said.

"It's because of that concern that we have just produced a billion dollar bill tract," the evangelist said. "This has two Bible verses hidden on the front, and a 170-word gospel message on the back. But just in case that isn't enough to show that it's not real U.S. currency, we have gone full color. The image on the front isn't even of a U.S. president—it's of the 'Prince of Preachers,' Charles Spurgeon. I think that it may become as popular as the million because the full color gives it perceived value."

According to Comfort's ministry the million dollar bill tracts have become so popular since they were seized that a new book has been published called, "Thanks a Million." It is co-authored by Comfort and Kirk Cameron, his "Way of the Master" co-host and gives more than 30 real-life incidents that show the tract's ability in opening doors for witnessing conversations.

Comfort said he hopes the book will inspire others to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"'Thanks a Million' is unique because it puts the reader on the set of the Hollywood movie, right on the seat of a plane next to an atheist, as he begins to backslide," he said. "It lets people eavesdrop on the most interesting conversations about the most exciting topics. But this publication isn't meant to be ear-tickling tabloid talk. Its sole purpose is to teach Christians what to say, how to say it, and then to send them out on their own million dollar adventure."

The author admits he did toy with dedicating the book to the Secret Service, "because they did us a great service when they seized the tracts. It was because of them that the million dollar bill received world-wide publicity."

For more information on Comfort's ministry go to WayOfTheMaster.com.