Churches Across the United States Sign Up for '.Church' Domains

by Christian Examiner |

The ".Church" domain has been successfully adopted by congregations across the United States after becoming available last week.

"I saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of important geographic branding opportunities domains that immediately and easily identify my church with the Brookhaven and greater Atlanta area have long been taken," said Wesley Sanders, pastor at Brookhaven United Methodist Church of Brookhaven, Georgia, according to The Christian Post.

He added, "I had been planning on doing a redesign of our church's website for a while, and the release of the new dot church domain names gave me a good opportunity to implement a new online presence."

"Churches absolutely must have a strong online presence," he said. "Visitors don't just show up on Sunday morning anymore; they first look at the church's web site or Facebook page, and they often want to listen or watch sermons to get a feel for the church."

He continued, "Churches need to constantly keep up with design trends so that visitors will not get the idea that the church is five or 10 years behind in their embrace of technology. This includes making sure the web page is easily navigable from mobile devices as well."

According to, as of Monday the ".church" has moved up to the number eight spot in the site's Top 20 gTLD list.

"For the past month or so, we've had a lot of requests from people eager to get their hands on a '.church' TLD," reported Michael Keshen of "People wasted no time grabbing their domains when the TLD finally launched last week, pushing it all the way up to No. 8 for its debut on this week's charts."

"Obviously the number of churches using '.church' domain names right now pales in comparison to the number of churches worldwide that have websites," wrote Elliot Silver of

"It will be interesting to compare the number of dot church websites today to the number in a year to see if the extension is a success or not."