Christian social networking sites

While definitely not one of the major social networking players, ShoutLife has carved out a niche as a Christian social networking site. The site currently has about 140,000 registered users and aims to be clean, safe, and family friendly. ShoutLife has a staff of volunteers that continually monitors site content as well as a language filter that replaces all cuss words and questionable content with substitute words and phrases. Each page has a "report this page" button that allows users to report profiles that violate the terms of use.
This alternative to MySpace for the 13-18 age group boasts 20,000 users per month. Like most other social networking sites, ZoeCity allows users to create a profile and make new friends or reconnect with old ones. The site is self-regulated, and offers an additional layer of security by allowing users to verify their identity by providing a mobile phone number or credit card and receive a security badge. According to Colin Wong, CEO for ZoeCity, "The badges are not full-proof but they do serve as an additional element of accountability rather than free-for-all anonymous identities." is "a free online tool for churches to extend their communities between Sundays." More than 30,000 churches have created a social network for their congregation on the site, which had more than 200,000 registered users.
GodTube, which works much like, is "a video-driven social network where users can explore their faith and the tenets of Christianity." The site "showcases religious content from many of the world's leading Christian ministries and socially responsible faith-based organizations." boasts about 3 million unique visitors a month, and is set to make major changes to the site in February.
FranktownRocks is a music-driven virtual world for kids ages 6 to 12. The site is based in the mythical city of Franktown (based loosely on historic Franklin, TN) and includes music-based games, virtual instruments that kids can play and customize, a recording studio where kids can mix music, a customizable music player, and even real video music lessons. The site is free, but users can unlock more features with a paid membership. While not specifically Christian, the September 2008 issue of Parents Magazine named it as one of the "best of the next generation of junior social networking sites."
Created by a Middle Tennessee mother of three, this new virtual world, designed for children 5 to 12, launched in January. Once children register at, their task is to help Raccoo the raccoon, one of six main characters on the site, escape Ho-Hum Zoo and guide him through various levels of games that eventually lead him to Uville. Although users can set up friend lists and interact with others through a controlled, pre-set format, no free-form typing is functional onsite so no personal names or places can be shared. Like FranktownRocks, Uville is not specifically Christian but is family friendly.