Christian Singer Nathan Sheridan Opens Up About Growing Up With Parents Addicted to Drugs

by Jeannie Law |

(PHOTO: TURNING POINT MEDIA RELATIONS)Singer/songwriter Nathan Sheridan shares journey on broken with you bowing September 14, 2018.

Burtonwood Records' new Christian artist, Nathan Sheridan, explained why he's not a "statistic" despite growing up with parents addicted to drugs.

Sheridan is gearing up for the release of his debut album, Broken With You, next month. The singer/songwriter was born in Pensacola, Florida, to parents dealing with heavy a drug addiction. But instead of using his upbringing as an excuse, he is now using his voice to spread the hope he's found in Jesus.

"Looking back I was what some might consider a 'statistic.' Being born into poverty with drug-addicted parents, the odds were against me," Sheridan told The Christian Post.

"I always had a lot of anger towards my parents for what they did, and having to deal with the loss of a sibling certainly amplified that anger and created so much fear and anxiety in me."

The young artist was forced to live with his grandparents in Pearl River, Louisiana, when his mother threatened to abandon him and his sister outside of a police station. They gladly stepped in to provide the parental support he needed. Shortly after moving, Sheridan tragically lost his older sister to brain cancer.

At age 14, he found hope in God and gave his life to Jesus at a church-sponsored play where he heard the Gospel for the first time.

"I realize now that if it weren't for the grace of God and my grandparents stepping up to raise me, I would likely have ended up on a much darker path," he explained.

The artist believes everything he's been through has made all the difference in his music and ministry. After his high school graduation, Sheridan enlisted in the National Guard where he served six years. He began to lead worship for fellow soldiers while deployed in Kuwait, setting the stage for his ministry today.

"I believe God let my story play out the way it did so that it could be a tool to reach others who are hurting from their past. He pulled me out of those dark places and showed me a love and grace truly beyond understanding," Sheridan testified.

"He has created a fire in me for Him and given me a platform to share the Gospel through my music and through my testimony."

Sheridan and his wife, Harley, moved to Nashville after serving in the National Guard. His social media performance videos were soon discovered and he was offered a record deal with Joseph Rojas' Nashville Label Group pop imprint, Burtonwood Records.

Broken With You features 11 songs all co-written by Sheridan and shares his life story of overcoming profound adversity and loss, namely the loss of his sister.

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