Christian groups provide aid to those in Gaza


GAZA, Israel — A three-member medical team from Hungarian Baptist Aid is in El Arish, Egypt, helping both Israelis and Palestinians affected by the current Gaza crisis according to Baptist World Aid (BWA).

The Barnabas Fund has partnered with Bible Societies in the region to provide food coupons to 400 Christian families. These coupons can be exchanged at supermarkets and temporary shops, providing each family food for a month.

Although food is the priority, the ministry is looking at longer term needs Christian families in Gaza will have including the provision of medicines, reconstruction of homes and jobs. Barnabas Aid is working with other Christian partners to send in additional aid.

Fruits of Galilee, an Israel-based Christian organization, recently completed an initiative to provide food supplies to Israeli soldiers during the Gaza conflict. The organization provided enough handmade jams and marmalades to help feed 4,000 Israeli soldiers.

"The Beth El community and Fruits of Galilee will continue to bless the Israeli people in any and every way possible," said Muli Flint, organizational spokesman. "Their love and passion for the Israeli people is certainly evident in everything they do, for they have dedicated their lives to serving their people."

Fruits of Galilee saw the Gaza conflict as an opportunity to bless the men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as they fought to protect the values and freedom of Israel's people. The initiative began shortly after IDF ground forces entered Gaza in early January.

Mennonite Central Committee's (MCC) latest emergency response includes shipping a large container of blankets and relief kits to Gaza and providing $30,000 for local purchase of food and other urgently needed supplies.

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