Board game pits Intelligent Design against evolution


Through their partnership as co-hosts of the "Way of the Master," TV program actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort have become players in the field of apologetics.

They are hoping to develop a few more players with the creation of a new board game, called "Intelligent Design vs. Evolution."

The co-hosts said they hope the game will help fight against what they maintain is the brainwashing of an entire generation.

"We are very excited about this game because it presents both sides of the creation-evolution argument, and in doing so, shows that the contemporary theory of evolution is perhaps the greatest hoax of modern times," Cameron, the star of the '80s sitcom "Growing Pains," said in a news release.

A trademark of the game, he said, is that the playing pieces are small rubber brains.

"We used the brains because we want players to use their brains," Cameron said, who considered himself an atheist before finding Christ. "The incentive is to play for 'brain' cards, and the team or individual with the most brains wins. There are brains all over the game, because we want to make people think deeply about what they believe.

"This is because the average person doesn't know that the evolutionist lives by a blind faith in an unscientific theory. Through the game we show the irrational nature of evolution, using their own beliefs and quotes. This explains why evolutionists have a special language, something we call 'the language of speculation,' where they use words like 'We believe, perhaps, probably, maybe, could have ...' They can't speak of their theory without it."

Using the game piece, the actor said the project is both educational and entertaining.

"To believe in evolutionary 'transitional forms' is to hold to the belief that one species evolved into another," he said. "However, there is no scientific evidence of any species evolving into another—not in creation, nor in the 'fossil record.' Most people don't know that."

Well-known creationist Ken Ham, of the Answers in Genesis ministry lauded the board game, saying it clearly reveals the "bankruptcy of molecules-to-man evolution."

"Intelligent Design vs. Evolution" also comes with a free, award-winning DVD called "The Science of Evolution," in which Comfort and Cameron take an orangutan to lunch and discuss the theory of evolution.

"This game didn't happen by accident," Cameron said. "It was intelligently designed with a specific purpose in mind, and we hope it creates a big bang in the Christian and secular world."

The game's release comes as the company recently announced it was relocating from Southern California to Denton, Texas, about 30 miles north of Denton. The ministry decided to move because of escalating operating costs, including Workman's Compensation. In addition, a friend of the ministry donated eight acres of Denton property to help build a new headquarter site.

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution is available through Christian bookstores, or through

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