Black and White Christian churches are to blame


If our grandchildren grow up in a godless society void of traditional Christian values, the black and white clergy are to blame. Time and time again the Lord has sent a multitude of messages to inform the black-white churches of the need to join forces to fight for traditional values, but they have refused to do so either out of fear or deception.

Many white churches that are engaged in such fights are deceived by Satan, feeling that they do not need the black church, even though every political poll shows the importance of the black vote, particularly in the 2008 election. Others are afraid to approach the black church because the media has convinced them that it would be a waste of time. 

Media coverage of the black community and the black church erroneously portray blacks as liberals, and white pastors who believe this lie refuse to approach the black clergy.  On the other hand, the media has convinced the black clergy that white pastors aren't concerned with social issues such as social justice and helping the poor (Micah 6:6-8), so they, like their white counterparts, refuse to approach the white church.

From the ending of slavery to the formation of black schools and colleges, it was white and black churches working together to make this happen. It was black and white ministers marching with Dr. Martin Luther King that brought about the Civil Rights movement. Unfortunately, many of our pastors who have their Ph.Ds in theology, have no knowledge of history and the positive impact that black and white churches have had on our society.

If the Christian clergy ignore the signs of God informing us that we desperately need each other and that success will only come through the total unification of the body of Christ (I Corthinthians, 12th chapter), we will wake up in a society worse than Sodom and Gomorrah (we see signs of this happening everyday) and we will have no one to blame but our selfish, fearful selves.

Have we forgotten God's Word, which tells us that "If God is for us, who can be against us" and that "A house divided against itself cannot stand?"

It must break our Lord's heart to see us going through the motions every Sunday to worship Him like those in Isaiah 1:10-20, but then consistently rejecting His appeal for us to come together like the multi-ethnic Christians did in Acts 2:41-46. As I said before, I stand ready to work with any church in an effort to bring us together as one body to preserve our Christian values for future generations.

Remember it is "righteousness that exalts a nation," not the Democrats and Republicans.

Perryman, a resident of Mercer Island, Wash., is author of the "Unveiling the Whole Truth: What the Media Failed to Tell American Voters."

Published, March 2008