Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's internet ministry reaches nearly 10.5 million with the Gospel in 2013


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Taking the Gospel to a digital platform has given the Billy Graham Association the opportunity to share Jesus with approximately 10.5 million people worldwide last year through its website

The evangelistic site is a simple interactive site that explains the Gospel by using Bible scripture, compelling video presentations and live chats to share the Gospel with visitors to the site.

Since the site was launched in May 2011, more than 19 million people have viewed the Gospel presentation, with nearly 4 million responding to the message. Additionally, hundreds of thousands have submitted their contact information to BGEA in order to receive follow up and ongoing training in their new faith.

"The numbers are hard to fathom, frankly. They're exciting, but difficult to really grasp or comprehend," said John Cass, BGEA's Director of Internet Evangelism. "However, on a daily basis I get the opportunity to read through transcripts of the chats taking place between visitors to our site and our trained volunteer counselors, and I can tell you that the world is being impacted for Christ.

"What we see as a number may be the Filipina woman working in a Chinese home when she stumbled upon the site and finally realized the truth of repentance and forgiveness," Cass continued. "Or it may be the man in his 30s who was up early one morning to look at adult websites, but instead stumbled upon and ultimately gave his life to Christ. These people aren't just numbers, but real, hurting individuals who finally found hope."

The online ministry is aided and strengthened by a network of more than 300 trained volunteers — from 20-somethings to octogenarians — from all walks of life who have committed to give of their time to assist those who are looking for answers in life. 

"They take the online interaction and make it a much more personal one-on-one experience," said Cass. "They chat with people on, guide them through a free online discipleship course, and respond to spiritual questions by e-mail."

When an online visitor makes a commitment volunteers connect them with local churches that have a passion for helping new believers grow in their relationship with Christ.