Audio Bible offers 'Hear-in-a-Year' program


NEW YORK, N.Y. — Reading the Bible through in one year has just gotten easier, thanks to a hand-held audio Bible.

The Original GoBible, much like an iPod or MP3 player, but loaded with unique biblical features, modernizes how people study God's word.

"The Original Go Bible is different than any other audio Bible on the market today," Andrew Block, founder and president of GoBible, LLC, said in a news release.

"First, the Go Bible incorporates patent-pending technology giving consumers, for the first time, the ability to search the entire Bible in audio format and select passages at the verse level."

Other helpful features in the pre-loaded dedicated audio device are a 'Hear-in-a-Year' program and a topic index that allows users to scroll through roughly 30 circumstances and emotions such as stress, patience, friendship and forgiveness, to find correlating verses.

"Hearing what the Bible has to say about a subject may actually help people set and keep their resolutions," Block said.

The user-friendly "Hear-in-a-Year" program organizes passages into 12 to 15 minute daily segments, and navigates the user through the entire Bible in 365 days.

GoBible makers have been able to compress more than 70 hours of audio onto a small chip.

"This has never been done before, nor has an audio version of the Bible been available that allows users to search and begin play at the verse level," Block said, adding that the device "represents a major breakthrough in the space of religion and technology."

The small hand-held device weighs about as much as the AAA battery that powers it and is available in the New King James Version or the King James Version, and is voiced by two legends of narration, award-winning narrator Stephen Johnston, known for PBS documentaries and the late, legendary, Alexander Scourby, the "Voice of the Bible."

The GoBible is cut and indexed to the verse level so the user may search for and begin play at any one of the more than 31,000 verses in the Bible. It is indexed to more than 35,000 different points—another industry first, its makers said.

Other features include a story index of more than 200 listings, which is an easy-to access list of the most popular Bible stories.

Similar to Internet technology that allows you to bookmark your favorite Sites, users can store up to 24 of their favorite passages through the device's own bookmark system.

In addition to adding other versions, over time, GoBible intends to reach the international religious market through providing multilingual products.

The Original GoBible retails for $99.95 and is available at or 1-866-GOBIBLE.

Assist News Service contributed to this article.