Art of 'projection' succeeds in twisting reality—and response


A few years ago there was an attempt to launch a talk radio network geared to more of a left wing point of view. The theory was that conservatives had a lock on talk radio (and Fox News Channel) so there would be a pent-up demand for alternative programs. Never mind that the left had, and still has, a majority of the rest of the media and Hollywood.

Air America started fairly well, then went off the charts onto its own demise as hosts got more rabid sounding in denunciations of the right wing.  The "tolerant" group was baring their intolerance for opposing views 24/7. What was first informative, pointed yet entertaining content turned into mostly an anti-George W. Bush festival of insults and characterizations.   Listeners tuning in would often hear the president called a dumb "chimp"… and much worse.

While those of us in center-right media need to be careful to avoid the same traps when discussing the current administration in Washington, there were other things that the "progressive" network did that are still disturbing and are now used by leaders in the nation's Capital.  

As Air America was running out of ideas and audience, critics often called them "Scare America." Their message was how nasty Republican conservatives were going to infringe personal rights, snoop around in everybody's business and curtail liberty. And Grandma was going to have Social Security and Medicare cut, leaving only dog food.

It's all about what's called "projection," and the left does it better than any other group. This is the art of blaming others for what the accusers are actually doing. Politicians on both sides do it, but none so well as the current leaders in D.C. and Sacramento.

While President Bush created a bloated Department of Homeland Security with likely the best of intentions, many on the left (and some on the right, especially Libertarians) cited the "Patriot Act" as a way to not only look for the bad guys, but to monitor law-abiding citizens as well. Personal freedom was threatened.

Nothing's changed. The laws are renewed and still in effect, and if anything, thanks to new technology, government can do much more sophisticated snooping today.

The so-called "Affordable Care Act" was jammed through Congress on Christmas Eve 2009 with all sorts of creative scare mongering and urgency.  House leader Nancy Pelosi noted that we needed to quickly vote for it, make it law, and then we could "see what was in it."

But the deceptive mission was on, with the push for passage in Congress right about the time of that year's swine flu epidemic. The message was: Be afraid, be very afraid. Don't worry… we're from government and we're here to "help" you. But if you don't support this, people will get sick and die.

Reality sets in
Now that "Obamacare" is nearly fully in place, more Americans are realizing that the fears are coming true…worse care and more expense—and no … not necessarily keeping your same insurance plan or doctor. It would have made more sense to find a sensible bi-partisan approach that didn't allow a huge government takeover. And the whole new health system can now be used for all sorts of additional enforcement of government schemes.

During this season's return to flu fears, we got a double dose of this process. Following the awful December school massacre in Connecticut, the push was on to capitalize: We have to find any way to stop the madness!

The people who manipulate statistics worked hard to create shocking comparisons to make Americans feel nothing was secure, starting with schools.

The photo ops were staged, executive orders jammed through—even if that meant ignoring the Constitution—and once again the world of health care was tied into the "solutions."

The president, who had already approved hiring of thousands of new IRS workers to help implement his national health care program, went ahead to, in effect, re-deputize health care workers to look for gun issues as well.

When you go to the doctor for a sore throat, the questions may include, "Do you have any guns in your home? How many? Where are they stored?" 

What else will be asked in the days ahead? And combined with all the new paperwork doctors have to fill out—thanks to cumbersome healthcare law rules—it's a wonder patients get well at all. The people aren't priority. and liberty fades.

Sacramento insanity
In Sacramento nearly every outrageous new "nanny state" law that is concocted has left-wing sponsorship. Just look for the little "D," as in Democrat, after the names of those who get such bills enacted into law.  Most often the zaniest ones—and many that thankfully don't make it to the Assembly and Senate floors—are created by the very people who routinely blame the other side of the aisle for such things.

Of course, not all Democrats are like this, and plenty of Republicans have their own problems, but you get the idea.

The projection technique works. And the more we fall victim to thinking the government is the answer to everything in our lives, the more we'll be ensnared by it. We also stop thinking about what's really happening around us, and to us.

In the debate over guns in recent weeks, President Obama often noted that if we "save the life of even one child," taking decisive action—doing something, anything—makes it all worthwhile.

Sounds sweet, touches the heart, yes? This from the most pro-abortion President in American history.

I rest my case.

Larson is a veteran Southern California radio/television personality and media consultant. His voice is heard on KPRZ 1210AM, and his weekday talk show airs mornings 6-9 on KCBQ 1170AM. Email:

Published, February 2013
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