Applicants for California marriage license denied; Bride and Groom notations unacceptable


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Brides and grooms in California can no longer marry one another, according to Placer County officials, who rejected a marriage license saying it did not "comply with California State registration laws." Pastor Doug Bird said he received the rejection letter on a license he submitted for a couple he recently married. "The applicants, 'Gideon and Rachel', wrote the words 'groom' and 'bride' next to 'Party A' and 'Party B' because they wished to have their legal union officially recognized as a covenant between a husband and wife. The County Recorder's Office stated that the State Office of Vital Records deemed the hand written words 'bride and groom' to be an 'unacceptable alternation,'" Bird wrote in a Sept. 4 letter. Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, said the California Supreme Court ruling granting same-sex marriage prompted the change.