America's Prayer, Under God: To Be Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All

by Paul De Vries , Christian Post Contributor |

Our United States of America has many complex issues that weigh heavily on the hearts of every attentive citizen. This coming Thursday, May 3, 2018, we will be celebrating National Day of Prayer. Hundreds of different concerns will be brought boldly to the divine throne of grace by people of deep, sincere, vibrant faith. Many of those concerns will cluster around three Godly priorities in America's core values. These values incidentally are positively addressed in our Pledge of Allegiance – unity, liberty, and justice.

These three core values are certainly at risk presently. Consider this brief sampling of how these same values relate to our present public crises:

  • UNITY Crises: malignant partisanship; demeaning public rhetoric; verbal abuse and intimidation of people of faith; fake news
  • LIBERTY Crises: violations of freedom of conscience; shutting down free speech; oppressive bureaucracy; constrained school choice; compromised privacy; ideological captivity of many educational venues; abuses of eminent domain
  • JUSTICE Crises: dysfunctional public schools; mass incarceration; ecological injustices; abortions at will; inequitable employment opportunities; violent bias

Given these and other current crises, we especially welcome our National Day of Prayer this coming Thursday. Even in the days of preparation, let us unite, praying especially earnestly for the LORD's redeeming wisdom, vital justice, meaningful liberty, and amazing grace!

Is anyone at a loss of words? Perhaps! Here is an American prayer we can all join in earnestly, on the National Day of Prayer or any day:

America's Prayer, 2018

O Amazing God of Grace,

We are deeply grateful to You who already so generously blessed America. We unite in blessing You, O LORD, true Author of Unity, Liberty, and Justice, core issues of our present crises.

  • You planted the early seeds of liberty and justice by unifying many amazing founders who trusted Your Scriptures.

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