Alabama Megachurch Hopes to Provide for Local Low-Income Community With New $26M Complex

by Christian Examiner |

((PHOTO: FAITH CHAPEL CHRISTIAN CENTER))The Bridge is a multipurpose complex on the campus of Faith Chapel Christian Center in Wylam, Alabama. The facility includes a 12-lane bowling center, indoor playground, fitness center, basketball court, climbing wall, and more.

Faith Chapel Christian Center, an Alabama megachurch located near Birmingham, is showcasing a new $26 million multipurpose complex to the low-income community.

Pastor Michael Moore has said, "People may not want to come to a church, but they'll come to a bowling alley. People have needs other than spiritual needs. There's a need for safe, clean, uplifting, family-oriented entertainment," according to

The multi-million dollar complex comes complete with a 12-lane bowling center, wedding venue, fitness center, and cafe.

The megachurch has created the center thanks largely to the tithes and offerings from its more than 6,000 members, and hopes it will provide the local community with a family-friendly social option, which are lacking in the area.

The complex has in fact already been open for a year, but further preparations have been made over that time before introducing the center to the wider local community.

Earlier this year, Antoinette Mays, a spokesperson for Faith Chapel told a local Fox News affiliate that Pastor Moore has had the vision for the complex many years before construction started.

Mays said, "We want kids to walk in and have a wow moment and think, 'A church can do that?' We want this to be an inspiration for little kids, for other pastors to say 'Hey, we can do his too! ' It's a place where people will come and be ministered to."