3-week-old nursing infant forcibly removed from birth mother

by Kelly Ledbetter |

(Kimberly Rossler)

MOBILE, Ala. (Christian Examiner) – A mother's brief but cherished memories of breastfeeding her infant son turned into a nightmare when she was forced by court order to relinquish her child three weeks after giving birth.

While Kimberly Rossler, 25, was feeding her newborn son, James Elliot, deputies came to take her child in what has become a custody dispute between Rossler and Kate Gilliard Sharp, the adoptive mother.

"I screamed and cried and watched them take my child away, with no answers whatsoever," Rossler said. She has been trying to reclaim custody of her child.

Rossler said she changed her mind a few days before the birth, deciding to parent her child. However, she claims she was not informed about how to legally to withdraw from the adoption commitment.

When Rossler became pregnant by her boyfriend, she considered abortion but decided to work with Adoption Rocks, an adoption agency that put her in touch with a birth mother, Sharp, and an adoption attorney, Donna Ames.

Throughout the pregnancy, Rossler had rising doubts about adopting. A few days before the birth, she communicated her change of heart to Sharp and Ames.

After James Elliot was born on May 8, Rossler said, "Nothing had prepared me for the intense love I felt, and the birth of a Mamma Bear who was ready to give my son everything he deserved and more, no matter what it took."

Sharp began to accuse Rossler of stealing her money by paying for medical expenses. She obtained a court order which gave her temporary custody and had the deputies take James Elliot from Rossler.

Rossler was horrified. "After taking my son home, and Kate never meeting him, I had no idea she could possibly have any right to him." She maintains that she had only a verbal agreement with Sharp and that she had no idea that Sharp had any legal right to her child.

Adoption Rocks claims that it merely connected the two women and has no stake in the custody dispute.

Ames states that she once represented Sharp but that she ceased representing her prior to the birth once Rossler announced her change of mind.

Rossler has set up a GoFundMe account and a Facebook page in order to raise funds and awareness for her situation. Currently she "has no clue as to how Elliot is doing." All she can do is "wait for the trial date."

Rossler has not seen James Elliot since he was taken from her home. She has been saving her milk in the hopes that she will be able to nurse her child again soon.