168 Film Festival Calls Pastors to Join Dialogue, Maximize Opportunities in 'Year of Christian Film'

by Christian Examiner |

((Photo: Pure Flix Entertainment/File))A scene from the God's Not Dead movie.

Religious leaders and pastors are being called to attend the 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles from Sept. 12 to 13. The event's founder and executive director John David Ware has urged them to attend as a way of fully taking advantage of the present popularity of faith-based movies coming out this year.

2014 has been declared as the "Year of Christian Film" by some, with numerous hit Christian movies being launched throughout the year. Already there has been "Noah", "God's Not Dead", "Heaven is for Real", "Son of God" among others, and there are still more coming later this year.

Ware has urged pastors to attend the festival, saying that "Jesus' parables prove that story can change culture." He also highlighted the "volume of faith films" out this year.

He wants pastors to give their input and join dialogue regarding the current state of faith-based media, and explore together how they can maximize opportunities generated by the current stream of Christian movies out.

"We in the media are in the culture-changing business. If we had 10 amazing scripts to sell, I believe we could sell them all in the current climate," he said.

Find out more about the Film Festival by clicking here: www.168film.com.