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“As a pastor, I know of the effect it has had on our church. Not only has the Christian Examiner (formerly the Christian Times) enhanced our ministry through advertising our programs, it has also kept our congregation well informed on the key issues of our day. You are loved and respected by all of us at Shadow Mountain.”

— Dr. David Jeremiah
Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church
El Cajon, CA

“I am aware of the fine work you folks have been carrying on through the Christian Examiner (formerly the Christian Times). You are maintaining a strong, persistent stand for Christ, biblical truths, and traditional family values, even in the face of great opposition. All of us here at Focus on the Family are grateful for your courageous witness.”

— Dr. James Dobson
Focus on the Family Founder

“"We've enjoyed the close partnership between Harvest Crusades and the Christian Examiner as both have ministered to believers through the years.”

— Greg Laurie
Evangelist & Pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship
Riverside, CA

“I have seen a great number of these types of publications. Yours is the best by far. Your newspaper is providing a much needed service..”

— Cal Thomas
Syndicated Columnist

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