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Jan 2010 •  After suffering a couple of ‘minor strokes’ Chuck Smith is recovering
•  Year in Review 2009:  Hope and change and something for everyone
•  Year in Review 2009: Religion and America by the numbers
•  Year in Review 2009: The Top 10 Stories of 2009
•  Year in Review 2009: Notable Deaths in 2009
•  Abortion group drops suit against ex-worker
•  Residential dwelling from Jesus’ era unearthed in Nazareth
•  How does your state line up on the importance of religion?
•  One-child global policy proposed
•  Christians should care about the global warming debate
•  Ministry delivers Rose Parade castoffs to senior centers
•  Faith guides Vols' Crompton in tough times
•  Iran seeks to smuggle in raw uranium despite new U.S. tougher sanctions against Iran
•  Sudanese Christian woman flees Muslim family
•  Christians freed on desecrating Quran charge
•  Christians in Vietnam hold second historic celebration
•  MUSIC NOTES Gospel duo Mary Mary hope for a Grammy repeat
•  What’s wrong with Evangelicalism?
•  Mother, newborn thrive after Christmas miracle brings them back to life
Commentary Christians can tap spiritual confidence to dim the din by Mark Larson

Feb 2010 •  Christian musicians ‘Come Together’ to benefit Haiti
•  Christian workers in Haiti recount cataclysmic quake
•  Church missions team rocked by Haiti quake
•  Haiti earthquake survivors ache for family, friends
•  Religious beliefs targeted in Proposition 8
•  Church brings teen challenges to big screen
•  Religion in public life: finding a consensus
•  School system agrees to curb Gideons
•  Judge limits medical access for abortion doctor after patient death
•  eHarmony pressured to add same-sex partners to main site
•  Chan Gailey carries faith back to NFL
•  Sex-selection abortions help cause growing imbalance in China
•  Skillet, Newsboys, Jars of Clay to headline 2010 Spirit West Coast
•  The Master’s College offers Darwin essay contest
•  Violent death of girl in Pakistan spurs push for justice
•  North Korea top persecutor of Christians—again
•  MUSIC NOTES Audio Adrenaline, Third Day seek help for Haiti
•  Court upholds University of California ban of religious-based courses
•  SUPER BOWL: Faith fuels Saints' intensity
•  Youth pastor appeals mall’s ban on religious speech
Commentary No need to sing the moody blues by Mark Larson

Mar 2010 •  Gunman shoots two students at Colorado school
•  Olympian says there's 'no atheist at the top of a bobsled run'
•  Fourteen days in the life of Haiti relief
•  Ministry on call to help with Haitian adoption work
•  Former Haiti detainee calls story about note 'fabrication'
•  Archaeologist discovers ancient wall in Jerusalem dating back to King Solomon
•  Pro-life billboards claim black children are an ‘endangered species’
•  Judge refuses to pull license from abortion doctor
•  Michael Vick shares first-ever testimony
•  NCAA looks to ban Tebow-type eye black
•  High school student finds “deal with the devil” assignment an affront to her faith
•  Pac, Meyers win bobsled bronze; say it’s all God-driven
•  Christian family gunned down; hundreds fleeing violence in city
•  Spirit West Coast to participate in national talent search
•  Arrests made in Texas church arson cases
•  MUSIC NOTES Musicians continue to respond to Haiti with their time, talent
•  'Son of Hamas' was key Israeli informer
•  Court dismisses Shirley Dobson from lawsuit challenging National Day of Prayer
•  Use of ‘God’ in pledge and on money constitutional
Commentary Procrastination serves only to delay, increase consequences by Mark Larson

Apr 2010 •  Repression of human rights on rise, State Dept. says
•  Pro-life leaders nearly unanimous in dismay
•  Evangelicals respond to immigration reform
•  Pregnancy clinic rolls out new expanded service with mobile unit
•  Former Marine weapons instructor reaches out to troubled youth
•  Influential pastor and teacher announces leave of absence
•  Chilean pastor wept after quake, then got to work
•  Gingrich taps California pastor to head Renewing American Leadership
•  Mission America challenges church to a new depth of ‘loving your neighbor’
•  U.S. Supreme Court will consider First Amendment rights of Christian club
•  Chapman to make inaugural appearance at Spirit West Coast
•  Rescue mission, Season of Service team up for Sleepless San Diego
•  Pastor, artist team up to create graphic novel series on Bible’s last book
•  Barna survey: Easter's meaning unclear to many Americans
•  Judge rules National Day of Prayer ‘unconstitutional’
•  MUSIC NOTES Switchfoot at work on annual Bro-Am competition
•  White House to appeal Day of Prayer ruling
Commentary Chaos, canceled plans usher in divine moments by Mark Larson

May 2010 •  Franklin Graham removed from Pentagon prayer service
•  Casting Crowns named artist of of year at 41st Dove Awards
•  Gospel Showcase returns to Knott’s Berry Farm
•  ‘Theology Mom’ makes learning fascinating and fun
•  Supreme Court OKs Mojave War Memorial cross transfer
•  Skepticism shadows Noah’s Ark find in Turkey
•  Silsby to face trial in Haiti; charges dropped against nine missionaries
•  Creative approach to balance the church budget: give money away
•  Oklahoma women must be shown ultrasound before abortions
•  High court to weigh violent video games
•  Florida doctor kills wrong twin, loses license
•  Billy Graham, Obama meet for 1st time
•  Christians fight infant killing in Indian slum
•  Suspected Islamists kidnap, slay pastor and his wife in Nigeria
•  SWC-bound OC Supertones emerge from retirement—briefly
•  MUSIC NOTES Third Day takes home the gold for its Revelations album
•  Twister crushes church, not survivor's faith
•  Franklin Graham prays outside the Pentagon on the National Day of Prayer
•  Mojave memorial cross cut down, stolen
Commentary Recession offers opportunity for reflection, revelation by Mark Larson
Helping our leaders finish well by Daniel Henderson

Jun 2010 •  Jews for Jesus founder dies
•  Mojave memorial cross cut down, stolen and reappears
•  British air first TV commercial on how to get an abortion
•  Group applauds iPhone anti-porn stance
•  Two women acquitted on apostasy in Iran
•  Christian health-care sharing ministries granted exemptions
•  How do medical health sharing groups work?
•  Clean water celebrated at African village
•  Campaign completes another fresh water well in Sudan
•  Access to clean water: Facts are heartbreaking
•  States opting out of abortion plans in new health law
•  New Bible translations clear up confusion in Philippines
•  Abortions by video to expand across the U.S.
•  Second wave of deportations hits foreign Christians in Morocco
•  Court case challenging tax-free clergy housing to proceed
•  MUSIC NOTES Jaci Velasquez’s tribute is ‘out of this world’
•  L.A.’s Union Rescue Mission issues urgent donor appeal
•  Judge blocks public school graduations held in churches
•  'Son of Hamas' battling deportation
•  New poll finds half of Americans find abortion morally wrong
•  U.S. goalie Howard shines on and off the field
•  CityFest SOS volunteer emphasis for June targets adult-minor friendships
Commentary Skewed priorities, shaded truths mock Christianity by Mark Larson
• A new, emerging black leadership by Star Parker

Jul 2010 •  Four Christians arrested outside Arab festival
•  U.S. soccer's Goodson says 'God has been faithful'
•  Joni Eareckson Tada gets 'positive prognosis' after surgery
•  Prophecy in the Middle East unfolding? Israel more isolated
•  .xxx’s porn red-light district domain is one step closer
•  U.S. soccer team players open about their faith
•  Man travels 2,000 miles to offer prayers in wake of spill
•  Crenshaw Christian Center tries to address HIV/AIDS pandemic
•  People 'being killed for their organs'?
•  High Court denies petitioners privacy, sends decision back to lower court
•  Volunteers usher in another successful Spirit West Coast
•  MUSIC NOTES Former Audio Adrenaline singer, bassist team up for new venture
Commentary High-tech gadgets brings high risk to families, society by Mark Larson
How big is your vision? by Louis Palau

Aug 2010 •  Gospel music legend Doug Oldham dies
•  All Star anchored in Christ
•  Restoration work under way for house of MAF Martyr Nate Saint
•  Vacation survey finds Americans ditch smartphones; favor prayer
•  Suicide prevention resources offered as part of ‘To Save a Life’ week
•  Study: Abortion triples breast cancer risk
•  Golf caddy finds rewarding job not on the greens, but as link to Kingdom work
•  Parents win 'candy cane case'; appeal looms
•  Airport chaplains are reminders of God
•  Brothers accused of ‘blasphemy’ slain in Pakistan
•  Bhutan proposes 'anti-conversion' law
•  Christians’ skulls, bones used for Buddhist ritual
•  Iranians in Europe are converting to Christianity
•  Rick Warren recovering from serious eye burns
•  Georgia graduate student told to change beliefs or lose degree
•  Rich Buhler, SoCal Christian radio host, has cancer
•  Judge overturns Proposition 8; appeal vowed
•  California’s Imperial County to appeal Proposition 8
•  6 American aid workers murdered in Afghanistan
•  Photos of eight of the slain workers in Afghanistan
•  Bodies of slain aid workers identified
•  MUSIC NOTES Artist headliners set for David Crowder’s Worship Conference
Commentary Storytelling an age-old tradition with modern implications by Mark Larson

Sep 2010 •  Faith-based leaders urge Congress to reject proposed law restricting freedom of religion
•  21st Annual Harvest Crusade draws 118,000 to Angel Stadium
•  Two separate prayer initiatives to usher in new school year
•  FAQs on Prop 8, California’s contested marriage amendment
•  The changing landscape of the mission field
•  Pollster: Most 'gay marriage' polls skewed
•  World Vision: Celebrating 60 years
•  77-plus foot Kerrville cross is raised in nation’s mid-section
•  Inspirational Country Music award nominations
•  Tony Dungy: From Super Bowl coach to 'All Pro Dad'
•  Man uses stink-free pigs to share Gospel in Thailand
•  Thousands expected at Southern California’s CityFest evangelistic outreach
•  Victim of Orissa, India violence rescued from trafficking ring
•  Men to bike across U.S. in support of Haiti orphans
•  Thousands gather for music and fun at Southern California’s evangelistic outreach
•  MUSIC NOTES Jars of Clay prepare for fall release of The Shelter
Commentary Public education: A boon for educrats or students? by Mark Larson

Oct 2010 •  ACLU takes on Nebraska football coach for being too religious
•  Parents urged to protect kids on Internet
•  Senate fails to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
•  Polls show California could be first to legalize marijuana
•  Archaeologists find ‘royal box’ at Herod’s palace
•  Survey reveals Americans’ religious knowledge
•  Gov. Schwarzenegger joins opposition to Calif.’s marijuana initiative
•  Lifeline program reaches out to inmate dads, kids
•  Congress condemns theft of Mojave Cross memorial
•  International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church
•  40 days for Life launches largest campaign with prayer as focus
•  Former atheist finds truth, self in Christianity
•  Radio show host discusses music, chronic pain, and ministry
•  Army chaplain first slain in combat since Vietnam
•  Judge throws out suit challenging U.S. pledge, motto
•  30 years of one-child policy plagues China
•  Chilean engineer helps with rescue and spiritual needs of trapped miners
•  Pastor and miner share hymn of hope
•  Chilean miners say 'Thank you, Lord' for their rescue
•  Future for world evangelism is bright in a globalized world
•  Effectively sharing the gospel with the world
•  China's ban on Lausanne delegates called 'gross violation' of rights
Commentary Observations from the observation ward by Mark Larson
Pastors: Seek accomplishment, not confidence by Phil Cooke

Nov 2010 •  Thousands from around the world gather to equip the church in new millennium
•  Modern-day slavery: A real and present danger
•  Robbed at gunpoint, ‘unlikely’ homeless man regains wholeness, helps others rebuild lives
•  Chaplain: Executed woman was true to faith until end
•  Is Glenn Beck’s popularity legitimizing Mormon religion?
•  Vocabulary gap between Christianity and Mormonism
•  Atheist commentator defends Christianity against secular media
•  Liberian envisions ‘light’ for his homeland through education
•  Mary James wins ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’
•  Obama: I could evolve on gay marriage
•  Child pornography trafficked on Facebook
•  Study: Teens able to get M-rated games
•  Bhutan jails man over Christian films
•  Iranian pastor faces death sentence
•  Colorado judge rejects National Day of Prayer challenge
•  MAF pilot drowns trying to save teens
•  Study: TV profanity up 69 percent
•  Two new lawsuits filed against Defense of Marriage Act
•  Students can recite Pledge of Allegiance in New Hampshire
•  China, Burma top list of religious freedom violators
Commentary Mediterranean excursion provides crucial civics, history lessons by Mark Larson
President Obama, please stop a nuclear Iran—now by Jim Garlow

Dec 2010 •  Ministry launches project for veterans to help build churches in Vietnam
•  Darlene Zschech, husband to leave Hillsong after 25 years
•  Bibles, books, music provide gifts in keeping with the season
•  Encounter with Jesus, Jewish advocate transforms homeless man
•  Jewish professor highlights peace issues for Israel, Christians
•  Setbacks help shape faith of Texas outfielder Josh Hamilton
•  Cultivating an attitude of gratitude helps overcomers
•  AIDS victims learn to start over
•  Palestinian who once despised Jews making a difference in the West Bank
•  Religious hiring rights the focus of House hearing
•  Anti-Christian Sentiment in Egypt Heats Up
•  Man accused of blasphemy among five killed
•  Infant son of Sanctus Real’s lead singer diagnosed with congenital heart disease
•  Two evangelists in Vietnam sentenced to prison
•  Attrition of Christians in Iraq continues to increase
•  A simple basketball gift helps 69-count felon renew relationship with son
•  Iraqi Christians warrant push to 'redouble' protection
•  Vietnamese authorities demolish Bible School, Mennonite pastor arrested
•  45 percent of American children growing up in intact families
•  Billy Graham reflects: 'My time is limited'
Commentary Ho Ho Ho, rampant entitlements no mo’ by Mark Larson
Diminished Capacity by Cal Thomas

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