'American Idol's' Dixon releases single 'Never Gone'

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Christian artist and Season 11 American Idol finalist Colton Dixon has released his first studio version of the song, "Never Gone," on iTunes.

Dixon, 20, had been singing the original song while performing as a part of the American Idol live tour this summer. While on the show, Dixon often spoke of his Christian faith.

The song hit iTunes at midnight Monday (EST) and by 5 p.m. (EST) it was number 24 on the iTunes Top 100 chart.

Dixon, who recently signed with Sparrow Records, wrote the song in mid-June while working with Red Decibel production company founder Adam Watts.

To emphasize his excitement he tweeted a photo of himself smiling and wrote, "And this is how excited I am when I woke up to my first song on iTunes being #1 in Christian charts."

Dixon’s first official radio single “You Are” will be heard starting next month, and his full-length debut album is scheduled to release in early 2013.

“I have a little over thirty songs now to pick for a record, so it’s just about picking the right ones and seeing what God does with them,” the singer recently told CBN News about the process of being in the studio finishing the album.

Download “Never Gone” on iTunes

Published, September 25, 2012
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