'October Baby' now available on DVD

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The faith-based film "October Baby" is available now on DVD and Blu-ray and is being promoted as a ministry tool for churches and pregnancy resource centers.

Inspired by a true story, October Baby chronicles a young woman's search for the truth about her past. After collapsing on stage in her college theatrical debut, Hannah learns she was adopted after a failed abortion attempt.

Bewildered, angered and confused, Hannah joins some friends on a Spring Break road trip to uncover her hidden past and finds that life can be more than what is planned, according to Provident Films, which has marketed the film to faith audiences.

When October Baby opened in theaters in March, it was among the Top 10 movies playing at the time and ranked No. 3 in per-screen average, and Provident Films said it "even saved lives." The movie's tagline is "You saw me before I was born," Psalm 139:16.

The DVD is available in Christian bookstores and online, along with two 4-session small group Bible studies, one for adults and one for students. Through movie scenes, Bible study, and group discussion, adults and students can examine questions of forgiveness, who they are in Jesus Christ, and restoration.

The October Baby soundtrack is available on iTunes, featuring Chris Sligh, Tenth Avenue North, The Afters and others.

On DVD and Blu-ray, October Baby includes bonus features such as commentary from Jon and Andrew Erwin, the brothers who directed the film; bloopers and deleted scenes from the movie; Every Life Is Beautiful videos; heartwarming stories, including one from Gianna Jessen, the woman who inspired the film; a Q&A with the lead characters; The Afters' "Life Is Beautiful" music video and more.

Provident Films also promoted "Fireproof" and "Courageous," movies by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia.

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Published, September 12, 2012
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