Dinesh D’Souza resigns as president of The King’s College amidst allegations

Christian Examiner staff report

NEW YORK, NY — The Board of Trustees of The King’s College in New York City has accepted the resignation of its president, Dinesh D’Souza, effective immediately.

Board Chairman Andy Mills said in a statement, “After careful consultation with the Board and with Dinesh, we have accepted his resignation to allow him to attend to his personal and family needs. We thank him for his service and significant contribution to the College over the last two years."

The King’s College Board named D’Souza as president in 2010.

D’Souza’s trouble began when World magazine published a report claiming that he was engaged to a woman while still legally married to his wife.

D’Souza, director of the anti-Obama documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” told Christianity Today that he’s done nothing wrong.

D’Souza and his wife, Dixie, had been separated since 2010. San Diego Country records show that he filed for divorce on Oct. 4 and under California law there is a 6-month waiting period.

The Board has asked Andy Mills to assume the position of interim president and will immediately begin a search for the new president.

Published, October 18, 2012
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