Muslim militants murder pastor and his family in Syria

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Two Syrian pastors have been murdered in Syria according to Christian Aid, an American missions group.

Sami, a Syrian pastor, was killed by a group of Sunni Muslim militants who stormed into the house church where he was worshiping earlier in October. They shot and killed the pastor, his wife and three children.

According to one witness the militants demanded that they stop meeting and start praying to Muhammad. “They asked us to leave the house and told Sami to stay with his family,” said a witness in a letter to Christian Aid. “We heard people shouting and then they killed Sami and his family.”

There have been 11 Christians killed from this one ministry area in Syria.

The mission’s group said that many believers are seeking to flee Syria. There are 32 Christian families that were associated with Pastor Sami still left in the area who are seeking a way into Lebanon.

"I know he was a Muslim background believer. He was not a Bedouin. He had been in training for a while, and he was given help by Christian Aid Mission," said the Middle East director of Christian Aid Mission to CBN news. "He was a very faithful, Godly person that the leadership really trusted in, and they really thought a lot of him."

In southern Syria a body of another pastor was found murdered.

Ishtar TV reports that militants had slit the throat of Pastor Fadi Haddad. Haddad, 43, had gone to try and arrange the release of a Christian doctor who had been kidnapped. His body was found five days letter and there have been no reports on the release of Shadi Khoury, the doctor.

Published, November 2012
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