Romney confirms Paul Ryan as running mate

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NORFOLK, Va. — Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, announced Saturday that Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will be his vice-presidential running mate.

Romney’s campaign confirmed the reports by a mobile app saying, "Mitt's choice for VP is Paul Ryan. Spread the word about America's comeback team."

Ryan was introduced Saturday morning at the retired battleship USS Wisconsin, the first stop in his first bus tour as the vice-presidential candidate.

"This is the worst economic recovery in 70 years," Ryan said in remarks prepared for delivery. "Whatever the explanations, whatever the excuses, this is a record of failure" on the part of President Barack Obama, according to the Associated Press.

Ryan, 42, said that he envisioned a Romney administration in which "we won't duck the tough issues...we will lead."

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is in his seventh term in Congress representing Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.  He is Chairman of the House Budget Committee and also serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, where he has focused on simplifying the tax code and making health care more affordable and accessible.

In January 2010, Ryan gained attention nationwide after unveiling his “Roadmap for America’s Future,” a proposal to eliminate the federal deficit, reform the tax code, and preserve entitlements for future generations.

Prior to running for Congress, Ryan served as an aide to Republican Senators Robert Kasten Jr. and Sam Brownback, former U.S. Rep. and Vice Presidential Candidate Jack Kemp, and as a speechwriter for Education Secretary William Bennett.

Former presidential candidate, Gary Bauer, commended Mitt Romney in choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate.

“The selection of Paul Ryan shows Governor Romney is serious about confronting the fiscal challenges facing our country.  It shows the kind of talented and experienced team Governor Romney will put together that will work for American exceptionalism,” said Bauer.

Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life was pleased with Ryan being selected as Governor Romney’s running mate. "Ryan has been a wonderful friend to our organization and our great cause in defense of human life throughout his brilliant tenure as a public official," said Lyons.

Paul Ryan
Published, August 11, 2012
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